Friday, September 2, 2011

Sad news

My favorite baby in the world that's not mine (not that I have any that are mine) is mighty sick again. Here's the post from Facebook:
This is a text I received from christy: Cami has been admitted to the PICU she is having a hard time keeping her oxygen levels up. When she breathes she is retracting. She has a horrible dry cough that is not productive. So she is unable to cough up the mucus and it's settling in her lungs. She isn't keeping her formula down either. She starts coughing turns purple and throws up......
Please say prayers for little Cami. :(

Newest news from christy They believe she has a viral infection. Her breathing sounds horrible & her sats are in the 70's & 80's w/o oxygen. She is satting low, she is dehydrated (from her vomiting), coughing horribly & having seizures

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