Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Icon Corner: Orthodoxy's Awesomest Awesomeness

I love icon corners. Above you see my own. I like it formal, although I'm formulating plans for a little icon "nook" in our bedroom that would be much more ... hmm, what's a good word? ... haphazard.

 I got to thinking about icon corners today when I was looking at photos from Greece and saw this icon "room":
I like how it encompasses the whole room. That's a very peaceful-looking bedroom. Some icon corners are more ... well, more than others ...
(I think I have a headache.)

 ... but my favorite icon corner of all is this one:
Anyone want to send me pictures of their icon corners? I'd love to blog about them! Just send an email to

 I love the diversity of icon corners. Everyone's are so different. This has to be a highlight of being Orthodox.

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Svetleah said...

I love that last icon corner too. It looks like Father Anatoli's icon corner in Ostrov!