Sunday, March 27, 2011


On our mission to see every state in the union, spring break is taking us to Kearney, NE, to see the migration of the sandhill crane. (Here's where I add that the picture isn't mine--I stole it from somewhere else.) I've packed up an assortment of cameras and lenses, and I'm prepared to take pictures of these majestic birds in all their ... well, majesticness. (I guess the word is "majesty", but who cares, really? English is a malleable language.)

I'm also meeting up with an old online friend, which is pretty dang cool. :)

In other news, our kitty Tuna totally hates the song "We Shall Overcome." :)

Onward to Nebraska!


Jess said...

Have fun!!

Svetleah said...

Good to know. I'll be sure to sing it as often as possible.

StacyandChad said...

Sound like fun! When are you coming to Alabama???