Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Dallas Film Festival time!

See the full slate by clicking here.

I love the Dallas International Film Festival. I was there when it was still sponsored by AFI, and there are very few that I've missed (missed one due to living in Marfa--annoyance). And now it's back for 2011! Last time we made the grievous mistake of getting passes, then nearly (and sometimes actually) missed the movies we wanted to see because they were almost sold out. Lesson learned: This year we'll get real tickets to the movies so we don't run any risks like that.

We're doing our usual trick of each of us separately looking over the slate and picking a number of movies, then seeing which ones we agree on. We can then make cases for anything we don't agree on, and thus our personal slate is born. Unfortunately we'll miss part of it due to Spring Break, but it lasts till April 10, so we should see at least a few.

I'll do more posts on the movies we're viewing as time goes on.

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StacyandChad said...

I wish Chad and I were more into film than we are! Have fun!