Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Struggle Continues

Continue to keep baby Camryn in your prayers. I won't go into detail, but she had major troubles last night. So keep up the praying.


UPDATE: From Camryn's mother:

About Camryn.... I called to check on her this morning and found out that her ventilator failed. She had to have a new ventilator brought in and was bagged in the mean time. I thought they lost her 3 times, but now that I have talked with them again (while I was more calm) I found out that she was only really "lost" once. They had to bag her quite a bit- but with her trach I guess things are a little more difficult. We did not receive a call- not on my phone, Kevin's phone or the room phone. They said that my number was called- but I don't show it. Also, there isn't a message. I went to see her and she is still sedated. Her little chest is still red - but that is to be expected. She is still alive though- my little girl is tough :O) I will post more pictures of her later. Thanks for caring about Cami and our family.

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