Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions Check-In

To paraphrase my therapist at the beginning of every session: Well, it's been a month--how are things?

Learn Spanish: I'll say that I neither failed nor succeeded at this. I didn't start to learn, but I did clean the house and find the software hiding under an ottoman (which speaks volumes about my housekeeping skills). It's ready to go for February.

Visit My Grandmother Once a Month: Success! Chris and I went up there one Saturday, brought some delicious red velvet cake to celebrate his 28th birthday, and stayed and talked for a few hours. We're working on plans for February which may involve the lovely flute trio I'm in, which alternately goes by the name Tres Flautas or Wheesht (which is Scottish for "shut up"). Depends on how comfortable we are with the music. May just be me and Chris and a few trusty cameras.

Go to Confession Once a Month: Fail! Aren't I awful? But blessedly it's only been 5 weeks instead of 6 months, so I can go to confession this week and pat myself on the back for that one. Gee, I'm humble too.

Volunteer at the Salvation Army: Epic fail. The people at the Salvation Army were rude to us, and another attempt to volunteer at a food pantry for HIV+ people has gotten nowhere as well. I'm stumped--no one seems to actually want volunteers! Ne'er ye fear, though--I'll find something to do. Suggestions are welcome right now if anyone volunteers at a place they love.

I think that makes me 1-2-1, if we're cataloging this sports-style. Here's hoping for a more successful month this time around--here's to February!

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