Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Readers

I'm such a downer right now. I'm really sorry. But the little baby I mentioned in the last post? She's on the verge of death. She's having surgery at noon to have a tracheotomy put in so she can breathe. According to her mother ...

Camryn is sick. She is literally close to death right now.

1. Camryn is now Blind
2. Camryn now has seizures
3. Camryn has tons of brain bleeds
4. Camryn has a collapsed lung
5. Camryn probably has more that I can't remember right now

Last but certainly not least...

Camryn has to have a trach placed tomorrow. Why? you ask... Well... Cami is having trouble breathing without a machine doing it for her now. She has oxygen on at all times but her sats are not good. She is on heliax (sp?) and Comfort Flow to help her. She had a procedure yesterday and I got to see the horrific pictures of the problem. Due to the breathing tube she has a ton of scarring in her throat and now only has an opening the width of a needle to breathe. Camryn cannot get in enough oxygen. So, I was given 3 options. They are as follows...

1. Do the surgery to try and repair the damage
2. Put in a trach
3. Let "nature take it's course" ie- let her suffocate to death
So please pray for a cute little nugget of joy (because that's what Camryn is), and consider chipping in some of the money towards their home--see my last post.

St. Stylianos, pray for Camryn!

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