Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions Check-In

To paraphrase my therapist at the beginning of every session: Well, it's been a month--how are things?

Learn Spanish: I'll say that I neither failed nor succeeded at this. I didn't start to learn, but I did clean the house and find the software hiding under an ottoman (which speaks volumes about my housekeeping skills). It's ready to go for February.

Visit My Grandmother Once a Month: Success! Chris and I went up there one Saturday, brought some delicious red velvet cake to celebrate his 28th birthday, and stayed and talked for a few hours. We're working on plans for February which may involve the lovely flute trio I'm in, which alternately goes by the name Tres Flautas or Wheesht (which is Scottish for "shut up"). Depends on how comfortable we are with the music. May just be me and Chris and a few trusty cameras.

Go to Confession Once a Month: Fail! Aren't I awful? But blessedly it's only been 5 weeks instead of 6 months, so I can go to confession this week and pat myself on the back for that one. Gee, I'm humble too.

Volunteer at the Salvation Army: Epic fail. The people at the Salvation Army were rude to us, and another attempt to volunteer at a food pantry for HIV+ people has gotten nowhere as well. I'm stumped--no one seems to actually want volunteers! Ne'er ye fear, though--I'll find something to do. Suggestions are welcome right now if anyone volunteers at a place they love.

I think that makes me 1-2-1, if we're cataloging this sports-style. Here's hoping for a more successful month this time around--here's to February!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The other blog

For those who remember it vaguely, Chandler Photo is back up and running. It was dead for about 6 months, but now I'm updating it again. I have a huge stash of film that needs developed, so it should be an exciting couple of months over there!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Insomnia, Let's Make a Deal

Early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy and wealthy and dead. - James Thurber

Okay, maybe not insomnia--sleep issues in general. I've been dutifully going to bed at 9:00 or 10:00 PM, only to rise and shine at 11:00 AM. Or perhaps I go to bed at midnight on a Friday ... then I rise and shine at 11:00 AM. If I happen to wake earlier, I'm incredibly groggy and end up falling over in a dead snooze on the couch ... only to rise and shine at 11:00 AM. Are you seeing a pattern here? Because I sure am.

Back in the days before I was loaded up on enough psychiatric meds to kill a lesser man, I would lie awake for hours, often till 2:00 AM. For this reason, I was prescribed a sleep aid (which shall remain nameless--no free pub here) by my psychiatrist. With help from all the other meds evening out my mood, I actually got a good night's sleep again. But rising and shining still isn't my strong point, and so while I can manage to drop off in 15 minutes at night I can't seem to get up at a sane hour. Early to bed, 11:00 AM to rise.

So I'm issuing this: I cave. I shall give in to my natural inclination to drop off at miserable hours of the morning and rise at lunchtime. This is my second night of staying up late in order to rise late. I've got the computer/game room all spic and span, and now I'm enjoying a few hours of internet time.

In only slightly related news, I've been sitting here enjoying Beethoven's "Overture from Egmont" so much that I want you to enjoy it with me. So enjoy a little culture on me again:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update on adorable baby Camryn

... sort of. Bait and switch on my part. :)

The Faglie family is close to meeting the amount of money they owe on the house--only $1402 left! So do consider giving a little money on this handy-dandy little widget that I've learned how to include on my blog:

I know: Tiny readership, tiny results. But I'm doing my bit. Please give a little or I'll cry! :'(

Friday, January 21, 2011

For your hats

For those of you who are making baby hats for the Caps for Good thing, you'll be needing this handy little action kit so you know where to send it and get all the necessary pieces of paper accompanying it. Just so you know.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Struggle Continues

Continue to keep baby Camryn in your prayers. I won't go into detail, but she had major troubles last night. So keep up the praying.


UPDATE: From Camryn's mother:

About Camryn.... I called to check on her this morning and found out that her ventilator failed. She had to have a new ventilator brought in and was bagged in the mean time. I thought they lost her 3 times, but now that I have talked with them again (while I was more calm) I found out that she was only really "lost" once. They had to bag her quite a bit- but with her trach I guess things are a little more difficult. We did not receive a call- not on my phone, Kevin's phone or the room phone. They said that my number was called- but I don't show it. Also, there isn't a message. I went to see her and she is still sedated. Her little chest is still red - but that is to be expected. She is still alive though- my little girl is tough :O) I will post more pictures of her later. Thanks for caring about Cami and our family.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Used Book Store Find

What could this be? A swing through the "collectible books" section revealed an ancient wonder!

It's The Ladies Complete Guide to Needlework and Embroidery, dating back from (no joke) 1839!

... as is my blog. Thank you. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's rockin' my world right now

Eight minutes of awesome.

We went to see The King's Speech yesterday, and I was quite moved by a piece of classical music in it. I'd heard it before, so I knew it wasn't original or unique to the film. Flash forward to today, where I go to the local used book store and avail myself of the massive sampling of classical music they have. I pick up Beethoven's 7th Symphony, and lo and behold the second movement is the same piece from the movie! I'd heard the 7th Symphony on the radio about a month ago and was determined to get myself a copy, so that's where I remembered it from. Strange happenings, huh?

Enjoy a little culture courtesy of me today. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Camryn made it through surgery okay! :D

Dear Readers

I'm such a downer right now. I'm really sorry. But the little baby I mentioned in the last post? She's on the verge of death. She's having surgery at noon to have a tracheotomy put in so she can breathe. According to her mother ...

Camryn is sick. She is literally close to death right now.

1. Camryn is now Blind
2. Camryn now has seizures
3. Camryn has tons of brain bleeds
4. Camryn has a collapsed lung
5. Camryn probably has more that I can't remember right now

Last but certainly not least...

Camryn has to have a trach placed tomorrow. Why? you ask... Well... Cami is having trouble breathing without a machine doing it for her now. She has oxygen on at all times but her sats are not good. She is on heliax (sp?) and Comfort Flow to help her. She had a procedure yesterday and I got to see the horrific pictures of the problem. Due to the breathing tube she has a ton of scarring in her throat and now only has an opening the width of a needle to breathe. Camryn cannot get in enough oxygen. So, I was given 3 options. They are as follows...

1. Do the surgery to try and repair the damage
2. Put in a trach
3. Let "nature take it's course" ie- let her suffocate to death
So please pray for a cute little nugget of joy (because that's what Camryn is), and consider chipping in some of the money towards their home--see my last post.

St. Stylianos, pray for Camryn!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Do good

If you haven't seen this blog, then know I'm providing you with the chance to do good again. The family's newest daughter has major medical problems, and the expense is such that they're behind on their house payments and facing foreclosure. The Faglies need $6000 to stay in their home. I know I write a little blog with little readership, but if anyone would be willing to chip in a little cash I know it would be greatly appreciated. I believe you can do it with the little widget I've put in this post, but we all know Murphy's Law. So if/when this doesn't work, go to their blog and try to give money using their widget. And read and keep up with their story--they deserve all the love and prayers they can get!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Cleaning: The Sequel

My last post made Chris think of this, so for your amusement ...

Winter Cleaning

January means Theophany in the Orthodox Church, and Theophany means house blessings. Back when I was an Episcopalian (also back when, in a completely unrelated note, Theophany was called Epiphany), house blessings were rare, generally reserved for those who had moved into a new house. Now, however, a house blessing is a yearly treat--and by "treat" I mean "time when every Orthodox Christian on the planet works their fingers to the bone cleaning the house to impress the priest". Spring cleaning? What's that? Never heard of it.

The winter cleaning has begun at our house as today is Theophany and the threat of the house blessing looms large over our innocent little noggins. We also have a guest coming this weekend, so the guest bedroom is now spic and span--largely. The living room and dining room are calling out for a light picking-up and sweeping, and rooms that haven't known the warm touch of a thorough clean since we've moved in will finally sparkle again. Should be lovely.

I'm certain my words have made the house blessing sound like hell on earth, but I don't mean to. I'm rather looking forward to the blessing, especially since we haven't had the house blessed on account of having moved in during May. Look at it this way: While I clean the tangible junk out of the house, the blessing will clean the spiritual junk out of it. This house was built in 1970 and most likely hasn't been blessed before, so methinks there's probably lots of spiritual junk that needs cleaning out.

I have a large block of asadero cheese (the world's meltiest, most delicious cheese), so methinks I'll make queso fundido for the occasion. That's the upside of shopping at the "poor" grocery store in a border state: Mexican specialties aren't tucked away in the "ethnic foods" isle and you can actually find chorizo. Mmm, chorizo. Anyhoo, happy Theophany to all! S Prazdnikom!