Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Sad Anniversary

Has it really been 3 years since I first issued this? I hope the links aren't dead. Today is the third anniversary of little Tyler's passing after only 6 days of life, so I'm doing my annual tradition of reposting this (although I think I missed a year--sorry). The need still remains; so those of you who knit, crochet, and sew are still needed to do this charitable act. I know I've been posting stuff like this a lot lately, and I'm sorry--I think it'll tone down once the holidays are over. But think about doing this--if not for me, then for Tyler.

My friend who gave birth at 25 weeks--her baby died yesterday morning. They were able to hold him one last time. I wanted to pass along this information that has been in the back of my memory banks for years, but that I've only thought of again as I think of him. This is for Tyler.

There are groups all over the country who make receiving blankets for infants who die after birth, are stillborn, or are even miscarried (very tiny blankets). After the baby is gone, the grieving family will still have the blanket to hold on to during those difficult times (and there will be many of them). So for my readers who can knit, crochet, and sew, here's a list of those places:

Afghans for Angels - Headquarters
Afghans for Angels - State Chapters
Afghans for Angels - Starting a New Chapter (if your state isn't represented)
Texas Moms of Tiny Angels

I had hoped to have more, but there are a lot of dead links lurking about.

In addition, NICUs are in constant need of baby clothes for preemies--chances are good your local hospital would love to get some from you. And if you don't knit, crochet, or sew (or if you're like me, you only sew, and you find that knitting and crocheting are skills in higher demand), note that Afghans for Angels always needs old-fashioned safety pins and postage stamps to mail the blankets.

Thanks everyone. Hope you all had a merry Christmas.

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