Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remember when I used to blog? Yeah, I do too.

Sorry, faithful readers of the Loquat. You've been staring at the same post for two months now. Apologies for the lack of loquaciousness on the Loquat. To break the silence, who wants a list of things going on in my life right now?

1. I'm done Christmas shopping.
2. I'm sick.
3. I'm almost done knitting a scarf.
4. I have a new kitty named Tuna (female).
5. I'm looking forward to Christmas.
6. I've got sticky fingers.
7. I just threw a balled-up piece of paper at Miss Lemon.
8. I'm drinking a Pepsi.
9. I'm still in my jammies (see #2).
10. I hate wrapping presents.

More pithy posts later.

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