Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions, 2011

I'm all for accountability, so here I am posting my New Year's resolutions for all the world to see. And fortunately I've actually remembered to do it before the new year started! So without further ado, here they are!

Learn Spanish. Do you know how annoying it is to live in Texas and not be able to communicate with a large segment of the population? I was in the grocery store yesterday--the kind where you sack your own groceries--and wanted to ask an older lady if she needed help but wasn't sure she'd be able to understand me. In more selfish terms, you don't get the best tacos in town from Anglos. So Chris and I will be firing up Fluenz and giving it another shot for the new year.

Visit my grandmother once a month. My poor grandmother has been neglected by yours truly for years. I really only see her at Christmas and at random points throughout the year when other relatives are around. To say that visits are few and far between might be the understatement of the new decade. So I'm finally going to get on the ball.

Go to confession once a month. Speaking of "few and far between", this is a basic part of Orthodoxy that I've turned into a rare treat. So I'm shooting to go 12 times a year instead of twice a year.

Lose weight. Just kidding--I actually resolve to double in size this year. :)

Volunteer at the Salvation Army. Pretty self-explanatory.

So, anyone want to share their resolutions, or will my comments section remain empty as usual?


Svetleah said...

I only like to make naughty resolutions so I'm not disappointed in my digression away from saintliness. Such as: watch more TV; read less; cut out green foods (green M&Ms are OK); in fact, try to cut out all foods that are not chocolate, cheese, or soda; stop praying completely. I'm sure I won't succeed in keeping any of these resolutions either, but they're more fun to think about.

Lois said...

wow. i am truly in awe of svetleah's resolutions. fantastic idea! regarding yours, also very wonderful. i'm still blogging about christmas. maybe by pascha i'll have started making resolutions. at least then i'll only have 6 months to fail, instead of spreading the pain over an entire 12-month period.

Lois said...

ps: i notice performing with tres flautas didn't make your list . . .