Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today was the day of the gallery opening in Dallas. I was not dressed as well as I'd hoped because my cowl-back shirt was sleeveless, and that meant I'd be showing off my brand new farmer tan that I got at a UNT soccer game. I wore a shirt that didn't accentuate my red and white stripes so much, and that turned out to be okay ... because we arrived at the gallery in time to see two people waltz in wearing shorts and t-shirts. Like I said last time, someone, anyone, please teach Texans how to dress!

We bought art. We couldn't resist Craig Cully's "Lilliputian" series. They're little paintings that measure 2.5" square, and there seemed to be bazillions of them throughout the gallery. Sadly, we got there too late to get the one of the cigarette (easily the most appealing of the collection), but we did get a black peppermint. Don't ask--it's awesome. I'll post pictures once we have it. Anyway, you can see a larger-than-life picture of one in the series at

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