Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adopt a dog

Today begins the beginning (ugh, my words disgust me) of University of North Texas Mean Green football! It's become an autumnal tradition for Chris and me to listen to the broadcasts on the radio even though we only graced a few live football games with our presence over the course of our lengthy college careers. Do you think we don't care? We do care ... but only a little!

One of the great joys of the UNT broadcasts from several years ago was an SPCA PSA (what?) that extolled the joys of adopting a dog, preferably a large one. I can't tell you how much listening to those ads made me want to get a dog. I was a dog girl in a cat world! But we already had the cats and they were presumably cheaper, so no doggies for me. Not yet, at least.

So, want to hear the ad that spawned the desire for a creature to poop on my floor, bring in fleas, and bark at 2 AM? Here it is:

Addictive, huh?

I have my dogs now. I didn't adopt a big dog, but I had a small apartment. Anyway, two small dogs equals one big dog, right?

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