Thursday, August 26, 2010

You can't find loquats anywhere.

Like the blog's new look? I searched high and low on the blog design page and never found a single thing that even looked like a loquat. (Don't ask why I chose barbed wire instead.) I've never seen a loquat in a grocery store. Kumquats generally aren't too hard to come by, but they're just not loquats. I do have a jar of loquat preserves that some of you may recall from the earliest days of the blog--I'm scared to eat them, not because they're loquats but because they've sat in my pantry since the earliest days of the blog. And they sat in the pantry for so long because I was afraid to eat them ... because they're loquats. Oh well.

Loquaciousness, however, continues to be in excess supply.

Silence is golden.

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