Friday, August 27, 2010

What to blog about?

My choices are suicide and fashion. Hmmm ... suicide or fashion? I guess I'll spare you from suicide talk for now. Stay tuned for the Loquat's most depressing post ever!

Okay, fashion. I have fashion on the brain because a gallery opening is coming up that I'd really like to go to. Problem? It's in Dallas. The gallery in question is Galleri Urbane in the Design District. Sure, I was a frequent visitor to their original location in Marfa. Sure, I've bought art from them. Sure, Chris has met and has a good report with the owner. None of that matters: I'm not fashionably equipped to handle a gallery opening in Dallas.

I can always hope that Galleri Urbane-Dallas has the country-casual charm of Galleri Urbane-Marfa, but the art festival in Rockland, ME, taught me the discomfort of going to gallery openings in a sweater and jeans. (The art festival in Rockland, ME, also taught me that you don't have to be straight to have an incredibly homophobic conversation, but that's another story for another time.) So I've spent the past few days pouring over a catalog (trendy clothes for tubby girls--not their motto, but I like it), searching for something that's dressy-but-not-Orthodox-church-like. My clothing philosophy used to be "only clothing that I'd wear to church too", but I'm realizing that church and gallery openings require a very different kind of dressed-up. Subtlety! I can remember when getting stuffed into a flowery cotton dress was good enough for any special occasion! Sure, I was a lot shorter then, but who wouldn't miss those simpler times?

Anyway, I have nice black pants and a lovely cowl-back tunic on the way for the opening. I'm ready to face my first gallery opening in the big city. Now I can stand back and be amazed when everyone else there is in jeans and t-shirts. Can someone please teach Texans how to dress?!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

You can't find loquats anywhere.

Like the blog's new look? I searched high and low on the blog design page and never found a single thing that even looked like a loquat. (Don't ask why I chose barbed wire instead.) I've never seen a loquat in a grocery store. Kumquats generally aren't too hard to come by, but they're just not loquats. I do have a jar of loquat preserves that some of you may recall from the earliest days of the blog--I'm scared to eat them, not because they're loquats but because they've sat in my pantry since the earliest days of the blog. And they sat in the pantry for so long because I was afraid to eat them ... because they're loquats. Oh well.

Loquaciousness, however, continues to be in excess supply.

Silence is golden.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jimmy John's cookies are tremendously wonderful.

That is all. You may go about your business.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Purl of Great Price

Long time, no blog, huh?

I have a mood disorder, okay? So I may just be in one of those states. I realize that I should always take that into account when I get great zeal for something. I'm also having to reveal one of my great secrets here and possibly lose my reward in heaven, but I knit hats and scarves for the homeless. Hats 4 the Homeless served as my guide, and last year, just before that nasty Christmas snowstorm overtook Denton, I dropped off over 40 hats and a few scarves at the Denton County Salvation Army shelter (the only homeless shelter in Denton County, I might add).

Normally I'd keep such revelations of how I spend my free time to myself, but 40 hats took several years of work. Thus far this year I think I have five. Oh, but how much more the homeless could have if the people of my church (St. Maximus the Confessor Orthodox Church) were to pool their knitting/crochet/sewing resources toward a common goal! That's right, Church--I'm calling you out and demanding a knitting bee for the greater good! We can even have a quilting bee and make ugly quilts, if you like. Let's just use our mad domestic skills for the greater good, eh?

I'm clearly running on five hours of sleep, so I'll get a little rest and we'll get something concrete down, 'kay? Good. Night-night.