Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Luddite Summer

For the past two weeks, I've trudged begrudgingly into the Lembrary (Miss Lemon's room) and checked Facebook statuses that neither enlighten nor amuse me. Twitter is somewhat more amusing but still doesn't feel worth my time. Meanwhile, the biography of Dorothea Lange that I got for Christmas has been beckoning me from its spot on the shelf in the living room. So I figure it's time to have my own version of a Luddite summer and drop out of the world for a while.

Unlike the writer I'm taking my inspiration from, you will be able to find me. The cellphone won't be off, but Skype will. Saturdays will be my internet days until September (I'd hate to come back to 1000+ emails). I shall engross myself in reading and taking pictures. Heck, I might find that I like it and just keep it up.

But what will I do without the 24-hour news cycle? Here are my predictions for the summer:
1. The oil spill will still suck.
2. There will be hurricanes.
3. Republicans will not do a 180 on President Obama.
4. It'll be really hot in most places.

If Christ should return while I'm offline, I think I'll know without help from an NPR breaking news email.

So toodle-loo and happy summer to all of you! I'll consider updating my status on Saturdays, but we'll have to see.

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