Thursday, May 6, 2010

Watching the British election

I get a little computer time while Chris is monitoring the British election results on the BBC. We can't be the only Americans who are taking an interest in it, right? It doesn't help that the BBC Friday Night Comedy podcast we listen to was doing specials on the election for several weeks prior. Last night they discussed whether or not Americans care about the election. Result? No, they don't. Made me want to chime in saying, "I care!"

I don't care as much as my husband, but I probably care more than you--face it. I know what Bigot-Gate is. I know who Sam Cam is. I've learned more than one could possibly want to know about UKIP. But as with most things, my interest lies in whether or not it can amuse me. The Vote Now Show amused me ... sitting and watching a little honeycomb grid of all the constituencies in Britain change colors does not amuse me. So I derisively call my husband a nerd and go back to reading cookbooks--who's the real loser?

Have I ever mentioned that I hate red state/blue state? I recall seeing an ad during our own recent primary season from a politician who wanted to "keep Texas red". Funny, I was previously unaware that Texas was a Communist state. I mean, I know Austin's weird, but I didn't think the weirdness had penetrated that far into the state government. Anyway, did you know it's the opposite in Britain? Conservative (aka Tories) wears blue rosettes and Labour wears red. That adds to my smugness over red state/blue state (Communist police state/depressed state) here in the States.

Anyhoo, you can watch the little honeycomb grid too if you want here (switch the view from "geographical" to "proportional"). I personally can't wait to see how the Independent Community and Health Concern and Respect-Unity Coalition parties do. Should be more fun than watching our own states change colors!

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