Thursday, April 1, 2010

One Month of Birthday

Wahoo! On the 22nd, I'm turning 27! Yip-yip-yahooey ... yeah, I'm as thrilled by that number as you are. Our society loves nice, round numbers: 30, 40, 50, 100, etc. I figure I can either freak out that I'm nearly 30 or I can do something to make this traditionally uneventful birthday special. Enter One Month of Birthday, my birthday wishlist for myself.

One Month of Birthday is inspired by something I read a few years ago: When a woman was asked what she wanted for Christmas, she replied that she wanted the asker to do something good for someone else. It needn't be huge things--results included: $20 to a homeless person found digging through a dumpster, a few hours volunteered at a soup kitchen, a donation in her name. I loved that story, and now I'm stealing it and making it my own (I'm sure she doesn't mind). One Month of Birthday is to inspire you to do things for others in honor of my 27th year on the planet.

So consider giving me a teensy-weensy act for my birthday. I've given you the whole month to do it! It doesn't have to be a donation: I like the notion of random acts of kindness, so helping a little old lady across the street would be a great birthday present. I'll feature things near and dear to my heart as the month goes on to inspire you. But do this for me--I insist. After all, I am the birthday girl.

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