Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quick Hits: Too much tahini!

It's Kitchen Adventures time at our house, which means that it must be Lent. I've made hummus from sprouted garbanzo beans (sprouting, by the way, is exceptionally easy in the desert), lemon-garlic pepper, fresh garlic (never too much garlic), salt, and too much tahini. Word to the wise: Never go overboard with the tahini. We also had to travel one town over (which isn't quick out here--Alpine is 30 miles away) to get a blender for it. Anyway, we slapped a shmear on some dark rye and enjoyed a distinctly Jewish dinner.

Note to self: Next time, fresh lemon and less tahini.

Meanwhile, I think I'm going back to school for an art degree specializing in photography. Which reminds me, don't forget that Chandler Photo is up and running. I've got a whole mess of new photos back from the developer, so there will be oodles of posts in the near future.

Even though I put up spring break plans and said that putting them on the blog makes them permanent plans, we're doing something other than we originally designed. We're heading to the east side of Texas to visit Chris's relatives behind the Pine Curtain. To add to the fun, my trusty camera and I will get the visual feast of four nearby national forests: Angelina, Sabine, Davy Crockett, and Sam Houston. Big Thicket National Preserve runs nearby as well. Best pack the hiking boots!

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