Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Settled on spring break

We'll be touring the Texas border and taking in a little birding down in the Valley. Tons of exciting varieties of birds pass through the southern-most tip of Texas before heading to the rest of America, so the tropical border region is home to the World Birding Center. So, Chris and I will go from Marfa to Del Rio (and Lake Amistad, my new favorite place on earth), Del Rio to Lake Casablanca (outside Laredo) to the tiny town of Roma, then from Roma to Harlingen. And this will take place because now I've put it on the blog--no more mind-changing!

As many know, we also just got back from a 3-day weekend in the Hill Country. Sure is nice and green out there in winter, but that's because the temperature doesn't drop so dramatically overnight there. Yes, it was 70 today in Marfa, but tonight it'll be 32. Humidity does have its high points.

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