Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back from vacation

Ah, a much-needed weekend out of town. And apparently at just the right time, too: So many people came into town for the reopening of the Judd Works in Concrete that it was the craziest weekend in recent memory. Definitely a fine time to flee town!

We've been in Marfa for a mere two months, yet I realize now that I already feel like I belong here--the urge to go up to locals in town (which was a practical metropolis compared to Marfa) and say, "C'mon, wimp! You don't know real Texas!" was a touch difficult to repress. It didn't help that people in the Hill Country call their hills "mountains". Since we live at the foot of Davis Mountains, I mostly find myself getting annoyed at the cute little habit of theirs.

I forgot my camera. Really, that's okay--often it just gets in the way. Nothing can interrupt a moment like, "Wait, let me get a shot of this." I might have liked some footage of Bors hiking--the hunting dog in him came out, and he was more than happy to be leader--but it won't be the last time I hike with him.

We were promised weather in the mid- to low-70s and partly cloudy. What we got was weather in the mid- to low-50s and rain. Perfection.

Somewhere between mountain territory and Hill Country, the terrain gets rather boring. However, it's right about in this area that monarch butterflies on migration pass through. We must have seen dozens, if not hundreds. I did kind of miss the camera then. Still, nothing beats the experience of watching 50 monarchs float overhead at a rest stop.

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Svetleah said...

I'm very glad that you're so happy in Marfa!