Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bors is ours!

We went out to Fort Davis and brought our little man home!! They gave him a nice, jaunty "going home" bandana (which you can see in the picture); and we packed him up and took him home. Conveniently, a shipment of goodies also arrived from Petco the same day, so Bors is swimming in rawhide and rope toys and other whatnots. We also got him a cute little bear made of wool and other natural ingredients that he's scared to death of. Maybe the cats will like it.

Bors is the laziest dog on earth. He's currently asleep in the laundry basket he commandeered last week. Naturally he's a little set back since we were gone for four days, but once again he's making wonderful progress. The head of the shelter told us that when he came back he wasn't the same pup he was before (in a good way), so this is definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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