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The Beginning of a Long Term Bit

After our recent trip to New Mexico we began discussing all of the places that we've been and realized that the list was pretty short. We decided that it would be a good idea to make a list of all the states that only one of us or neither of us had been to and finding something that we'd like to do in those places. Places we'd driven through on the way to somewhere else or layovers at an airport didn't count. Some of the states don't have much that we're interested in and will be lumped with one or more nearby states to make a pleasant road trip (the midwest/rustbelt states were notorious for this), some states only had one thing that we wanted to see and will be seen on a nice long weekend, and then there are the places that there is so much to do that we will be in that one spot for a week or longer. My new job will give me several three day weekends a year, plus a spring break and most of the month of July off, so we've got our vacations planned for …