Monday, August 31, 2009

Dogs, dogs, dogs!

Sadly, Layla was not the dog for us. Although a dream dog in many respects, she was extremely aggressive with the cats. But now Grand Companions knows that she needs a very active home that's cat-free, AND we sponsored her entire adoption fee, so she's way more likely to get a good home now!

When we called to say we couldn't keep her and described what we needed, we were surprised to hear that they had just the dog for us. He was described as a chihuahua-Jack Russell mix who needed some help with socialization, but he was very calm and barely noticed cats. They called him Max--we call him Bors:
Oh, perhaps you'd like a clearer shot:

Bors (named after one of the Knights of the Round Table and one of only three knights to see the Grail--the others being Perceval and Galahad) is a very laid-back little pooch. That's not to say he isn't playful and curious (see the top picture), but he's definitely got a personality we can handle. Grand Companions Humane Society is treating this week as foster care, then he'll go back to the shelter while we're out of town. Assuming all goes well, once we get back to Marfa we'll adopt him!

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