Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Closer and closer

I did something last night that's really made the house seem naked: I've stripped the walls of all art and icons and most of the calendars. Now everywhere I go it looks weird. Nothing says "moving out" more succinctly than bare walls.

The trash can is filled to the brim and has been since last Friday (I think). Junk has emerged that we forgot existed (it's like having new pajamas!). Unused items that got stuffed into corners of closets and cabinets are now seeing the light of day. Piles of stuff have been sent off to find new homes at the thrift store, mounds of books are to be sold at the library's book sale, and that giant hunk of metal we knew as the old car has been donated to charity.

What awaits us in Marfa is a tiny apartment with no dishwasher, no washing machine and dryer, no central heat or air conditioning (window units and a heat pump). What also awaits us is a town without Walmart, no big box stores, no fast food places save the Dairy Queen. I've never been so happy to move anywhere.

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