Maine, Part 2: Flora & Fauna

Did you know that the Maine State Parks are a major source of revenue for the state? Boy, that sets them apart from Texas then. Anyway, that's an indication of the tremendous natural beauty of Maine. Let's have a look-see, shall we?

Camden Falls in Camden, ME:

Here's an interesting zoological fact: Two out of three ducks in Maine have no head.

An unusually sized picture, but I wanted to get all the different kinds of waterfowl in here. The one with its wings spread out on the rock is a cormorant. Know the phrase "water off a duck's back"? They don't have that magical power, so they have to dry themselves out in the sun.

Here are some shots of Acadia National Park from our nature boat cruise (way more fun than the puffin trip from three years ago).

Still on the boat tour--an island covered in harbor seals. Turns out only walruses can walk on their tails, so apparently they look like slugs flopping on the rocks when they're out of the water.

Sea birds flocking to the most unusual lighthouse in Maine.

Very hard to see--that bird in the top left corner is a bald eagle. We spotted quite a few!

The boat tour was another good example of how spastic Maine weather can be. Suddenly, the sun's back out and the water is beautiful! Love that color.

A lobster trap buoy. Did you know that lobsters slip the traps 95% of the time? As our guide said, we eat the stupid and/or lazy ones. Natural selection in action.

A natural bridge most likely formed by a waterfall.

Look closely into the open tree up top--that's a bald eagle's nest with several baby eagles in it. Apparently they're getting to the point where they'll learn to fly soon!

I love this seagull. He sat outside the restaurant waiting patiently for someone to come out and feed him. Chris went out to take his picture and inadvertently attracted another seagull, which this big guy ran off.

I'll do Maine towns next!


Amy said…
These are beautiful pictures. I'm even stealing one for our laptop wallpaper!