Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is cruel to me and to you

Woe is me! The Mac can't even turn itself on now! Well, it can--can't do much more than that, though. My guess is that the fan is clogged or something--what I thought was the air intake wasn't, and what was the air intake was a mess. Anyway, little Mr. Mac has an appointment at an Apple Store tomorrow to hopefully take care of the problem.

Although the little PC has been a tremendous blessing in these times of Mac drought, I much prefer blogging on the big computer. The tiny keyboard on this computer is enough to squelch any longwindedness I may have been feeling. So there will probably only be teeny-tiny posts until my beloved big computer is back on its feet ... so to speak. I don't wish to leave the blog neglected, but my creativity suffers at the hands of the bitsy keyboard.

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