Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly is satisfied by the notion of going from our 1300 square foot townhouse to an apartment that may or may not be dinkier than our first, 500 square foot apartment. What do I care, after all? It's just Chris and me--we are still free of children, we've been striving to live with less junk in our house, and the place has a yard that'll more than make up for the lack of interior space. And with the weather in Marfa being humidity-free perfection itself, the whole desert can become your dining room, living room, bedroom (with the assistance of camping gear) ... everything but your bathroom. Um, let's move on.

The Great Junk Purge of 2009 is moving a little slow, sadly, but there's already a massive pile of goods that'll be showing up at a thrift store near us. The local library sent an email out today saying that they're now accepting donations for their annual book sale, so we know where the unwanted books will be disappearing off to. As for the big stuff, some charities are nice enough to do pick-up--that means we won't have to haul the couches and tables and chairs, etc, off ourselves. I'm hoping with all my might not to require storage for some of the stuff we can't part with. I keep looking through the pictures I took of the place and trying to envisage where things can go.

Neither of us can wait to finally get out there!

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