Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of la Gatita Muy Bonita!

Well, the Mac is back home, which means I can finally get the pictures off the camera and out in public! And here are some I've definitely been dying to share: When we went to Marfa after getting home from Maine, we decided to take Miss Lemon with us. I don't recommend it (traveling with cats isn't easy), but she did provide some fun while we were out there.

Here, Lemmy shows off at the hotel in Abilene (our mid-way stop).

She was a pretty good traveler. She'd look out the window (she loved it when we passed semis), she'd sit in laps, she'd go to the back seat and lie down. On the way back home, she really wanted to sit on the dashboard, so needless to say she was a little difficult. Here she is on my lap, behaving like a little angel.

Hotel Paisano loves them some pets, and a lovely lady Siamese kitty certainly broke up the monotony of dogs!

After spending hours in the car, staying in strange hotels, coming face to face with a dog (which we're going to adopt), having to put on a harness and leash and be dragged to see our new apartment, and having to wear that same harness and leash and sit politely while Chris and I ate dinner, we had one tuckered baby on our hands.

Lemmy was relatively well-behaved while the car was in motion, but something about stopping brought out the explorer in her. I love this picture.

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