Thursday, July 30, 2009

Now that the Mac's home, who wants to see our new apartment?

The Amazing Adventures of la Gatita Muy Bonita!

Well, the Mac is back home, which means I can finally get the pictures off the camera and out in public! And here are some I've definitely been dying to share: When we went to Marfa after getting home from Maine, we decided to take Miss Lemon with us. I don't recommend it (traveling with cats isn't easy), but she did provide some fun while we were out there.

Here, Lemmy shows off at the hotel in Abilene (our mid-way stop).

She was a pretty good traveler. She'd look out the window (she loved it when we passed semis), she'd sit in laps, she'd go to the back seat and lie down. On the way back home, she really wanted to sit on the dashboard, so needless to say she was a little difficult. Here she is on my lap, behaving like a little angel.

Hotel Paisano loves them some pets, and a lovely lady Siamese kitty certainly broke up the monotony of dogs!

After spending hours in the car, staying in strange hotels, coming face to face with a dog (which we're going to adopt), having to put on a harness and leash and be dragged to see our new apartment, and having to wear that same harness and leash and sit politely while Chris and I ate dinner, we had one tuckered baby on our hands.

Lemmy was relatively well-behaved while the car was in motion, but something about stopping brought out the explorer in her. I love this picture.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly is satisfied by the notion of going from our 1300 square foot townhouse to an apartment that may or may not be dinkier than our first, 500 square foot apartment. What do I care, after all? It's just Chris and me--we are still free of children, we've been striving to live with less junk in our house, and the place has a yard that'll more than make up for the lack of interior space. And with the weather in Marfa being humidity-free perfection itself, the whole desert can become your dining room, living room, bedroom (with the assistance of camping gear) ... everything but your bathroom. Um, let's move on.

The Great Junk Purge of 2009 is moving a little slow, sadly, but there's already a massive pile of goods that'll be showing up at a thrift store near us. The local library sent an email out today saying that they're now accepting donations for their annual book sale, so we know where the unwanted books will be disappearing off to. As for the big stuff, some charities are nice enough to do pick-up--that means we won't have to haul the couches and tables and chairs, etc, off ourselves. I'm hoping with all my might not to require storage for some of the stuff we can't part with. I keep looking through the pictures I took of the place and trying to envisage where things can go.

Neither of us can wait to finally get out there!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is cruel to me and to you

Woe is me! The Mac can't even turn itself on now! Well, it can--can't do much more than that, though. My guess is that the fan is clogged or something--what I thought was the air intake wasn't, and what was the air intake was a mess. Anyway, little Mr. Mac has an appointment at an Apple Store tomorrow to hopefully take care of the problem.

Although the little PC has been a tremendous blessing in these times of Mac drought, I much prefer blogging on the big computer. The tiny keyboard on this computer is enough to squelch any longwindedness I may have been feeling. So there will probably only be teeny-tiny posts until my beloved big computer is back on its feet ... so to speak. I don't wish to leave the blog neglected, but my creativity suffers at the hands of the bitsy keyboard.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Maine, Part 2: Flora & Fauna

Did you know that the Maine State Parks are a major source of revenue for the state? Boy, that sets them apart from Texas then. Anyway, that's an indication of the tremendous natural beauty of Maine. Let's have a look-see, shall we?

Camden Falls in Camden, ME:

Here's an interesting zoological fact: Two out of three ducks in Maine have no head.

An unusually sized picture, but I wanted to get all the different kinds of waterfowl in here. The one with its wings spread out on the rock is a cormorant. Know the phrase "water off a duck's back"? They don't have that magical power, so they have to dry themselves out in the sun.

Here are some shots of Acadia National Park from our nature boat cruise (way more fun than the puffin trip from three years ago).

Still on the boat tour--an island covered in harbor seals. Turns out only walruses can walk on their tails, so apparently they look like slugs flopping on the rocks when they're out of the water.

Sea birds flocking to the most unusual lighthouse in Maine.

Very hard to see--that bird in the top left corner is a bald eagle. We spotted quite a few!

The boat tour was another good example of how spastic Maine weather can be. Suddenly, the sun's back out and the water is beautiful! Love that color.

A lobster trap buoy. Did you know that lobsters slip the traps 95% of the time? As our guide said, we eat the stupid and/or lazy ones. Natural selection in action.

A natural bridge most likely formed by a waterfall.

Look closely into the open tree up top--that's a bald eagle's nest with several baby eagles in it. Apparently they're getting to the point where they'll learn to fly soon!

I love this seagull. He sat outside the restaurant waiting patiently for someone to come out and feed him. Chris went out to take his picture and inadvertently attracted another seagull, which this big guy ran off.

I'll do Maine towns next!

Maine, Part 1: Maine the Mercurial

By coming to Maine in July, we bypassed an apparently miserable June that featured constant rain and highs in the 50s. Chris said that sounded like his idea of a good time, but the notion of being trapped in a hotel because it's too awful to go out doesn't really appeal to me. Nonetheless, the weather was absolute perfection some of the time and held off the rest of the time. We were also blessed to have a room with a view, so the view of Lincolnville Beach from our rental across the street is a good jumping-off point to show you how wacky the weather could be.

The bay could be beautiful and sunny ...

... or slightly cloudy ...

... or quite cloudy ...

... or kinda scary ...

... or you could've sworn there was a beach there yesterday ...

... but it was never not beautiful.

Need further proof it was beautiful? Chris and I spent an evening walking along the beach after the crowds had departed.

And here's a shot of the Lobster Pound (which has some killer lobster stew--lobster, milk, and nothing more) during a rainstorm at night.

More later!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

If I ever get on a plane again, it'll be too soon

After a relaxing week in Maine and a miserable 6+ hours on one plane yesterday, I am still too pooped to say anything about the vacation. Tomorrow, in between packing things up and throwing things out as we prepare for our upcoming move, I'll begin the arduous task of putting our pictures from Maine up here on the Loquat. In the meantime, I'm going to hit the hay and hope I dream about lobster stew.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yes, we're really moving out west

Recently on the radio the hosts were talking about the mid-life crisis. They said that the populace at large tends to pressure others to try new experiences, but when they do then they're made fun of for having a mid-life crisis. I heard this discussion after we'd arrived back from our most recent trip out to west Texas ... *cough* the trip where Chris interviewed for a few jobs out there and was basically guaranteed one at a school ... *cough* and the trip where we'd gone around looking at houses in Marfa. I guess you could say that, at the tender age of 26, we've already had our mid-life crises and chosen to forsake Dallas for the clear air and open skies of west TX. That either means we'll both be dead by 52 or we won't be struck by the meaninglessness of our lives when we're in our forties.

We made up our minds throw in the towel in Dallas when we went out to Marfa for our anniversary. It's hard not to like the perfect weather, the mountains, the gobs of art--not that those things can cause a person to forsake all they know and relocate to what I'm affectionately dubbing "Middle-of-Nowhere, TX". I think you have to want something more to make the move we're about to make. Some people can live and die happily in Dallas, but we're sick of the isolation (yep, you can be isolated in a city and not in a town of 2000 people) and the traffic and the shallowness and the humidity--oh, the humidity!! Okay, we're really moving for the weather--who am I kidding?

Chris has obtained a teaching job and an apartment for us--now we just have to get rid of a lot of our stuff and get it packed up. After we return home from Maine next week (lotta vacation goin' on) we'll begin the serious business of starting a new life. And the Mac's working again, so we can take it with us instead of having it humanely put down and keeping its ashes on the mantle by Trent's. Westest of all West Texaseseses, here we come!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All the news that's fit to blog

My mom will mock me for this, but our Mac is acting up. It's making some strange noises (albeit quiet noises) and freezing every chance it gets--it especially hates it when I open iTunes. Still, in less than two years of ownership this is the only trouble it's given us. Looking forward to a day on the phone with tech support.

We're heading off for the long-awaited vacation in Maine this Friday. I swear we've spent more time out of our house this summer than in it.

Oh, and we're moving to Marfa.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm sitting in a hotel in Alpine, TX, while Chris is out on business. Weather is tremendous, views are spectacular--yep, west Texas is still west Texas! Some things don't change. Evening in Marfa after Chris gets back. Cool beans.