Very sad news.

Trent is not just dehydrated--he's got a heart problem. There's nothing the vet can do about it. He got better but suddenly took a nasty turn, and the vet wanted him to go to the emergency vet to be watched overnight. Now that we know his case is terminal, Chris is bringing him home so he can be with us (and Owl and Estelle) when he dies. I'm glad he'll get to come home--I need these last moments with this cat.

What happened this morning seems sudden, but looking back on it I see that he'd been going downhill over a long while. Shortly after he turned 12 he started looking old. Lately he had been eating but not throwing up, and while that sounds more healthy I realize now that he probably hadn't been eating as much. He came back from the vet this week looking really bad and really old. I thought he just needed brushed and loved on. But nothing really ever seemed wrong until this morning.

I'm glad I get to say goodbye.