5th Anniversary, Part 7: Fort Davis National Historic Site

Daughter of a history professor, wife of a history major--if I wanted to steer clear of historical sites on vacation then I ought to have had another life. Still, I chose the hotel that's on the register of National Historic Places, so I can't lay the blame at other people's feet when I choose not to vacation on sun-drenched beaches. But Fort Davis was a very cool place--good job on the part of the Department of the Interior. Chris could tell you better than I could its historical significance (he's wired that way more than I am), but I can tell you that they picked a magnificent spot for a fort!

Kudos to Chris for incorporating the sign, the flag, the redonk agave, the barracks, and the mountain into one shot.

Pretend its an eagle. It's probably a vulture or a hawk, but this picture is way cooler if you pretend it's an eagle. Because eagles instinctively know to fly over important sites in American history.

Pay attention to these next two shots:

That's a gatling gun (top) and a Howitzer (bottom). All the stuff on display was from the mid-1800's. They were still using those weapons in WWI. Yikes.

I believe that's Sleeping Lion Mountain, but my husband can correct me if I'm wrong.

After Fort Davis ceased to have a military function, it went into private hands. The family in charge of it actually did an excellent job of upkeep--take a gander at the first photo to see what I mean. Many similar forts look more like the following photos. A lot of the buildings in Fort Davis are in great condition, but I like ruins and that's what you get to see.

Finally, a lousy shot from the car of the road connecting San Antonio to El Paso--Fort Davis was the midpoint.

That's all I have for you. West Texas is a trip I recommend highly. Hope you like the pictures.