5th Anniversary, Part 6: Davis Mountains and Indian Lodge

Davis Mountains State Park was the only place we did any hiking. We rose early in the morning to take advantage of the cool weather (and low UV rays) and hiked what we thought would be relatively flat but turned out to be up a cliff. Those foothills are daunting buggers.

Going up the hill. We ended up atop the cliff on the left.

Love those blue skies.

The first view of Indian Lodge from above. Indian Lodge was built by my favorite Depression-era works program, the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Kinda cool: Ferns growing in the rocks on top of the cliff.

More views from atop the cliff. Hard to want to come down the hill.

A good shot of part of Indian Lodge. There's something about white adobe and the desert landscape that look like they belong together. And take a good gander at that giant agave. They're all that huge out there.

From the first scenic overlook on the Skyline Drive that went up a foothill. Pretty stuff out there.

This picture cracks me up. We turned to go back to the car and realized, "Our car looks like part of a Hyundai ad." So expect to see this on a full-page spread in a magazine some day.

I don't much know what to say for the next three, so I'll just let them stand on their own. :)

I like the perspective Indian Lodge adds to this shot.

Up next, the final set of photos: Fort Davis National Historic Site.