5th Anniversary, Part 5: River Road/Big Bend Ranch

Like I previously mentioned, the River Road runs along the border, right along the Rio Grande, between Presidio and Terlingua. What I didn't mention is that on the other side of the road is Big Bend Ranch State Park, which was privately owned up until recently (like many things around here). Once we got into Big Bend Ranch, the scenery got a whole lot prettier. We never made it to Big Bend National Park, sadly, so this is as good as it'll get.

Is it a canyon or is it a mountain? Apparently a canyon, but who cares? Our rental car's little shark fin provided for scale.

First good sighting of the Rio Grande.

Big Bend Ranch was the only area on the River Road where everything came up to the road.

We found a boat ramp and were able to go right up to the Rio Grande. The water was very cold, and we might have flung ourselves into it if we didn't have to get back into a car we didn't own. Before you can ask, no, we didn't see any illegal immigrants trying to cross the border. Two good reasons for that: 1) had they gotten across the river, they would've had to climb up the canyons; and 2) the river was moving really fast--anyone who attempted crossing it would've drowned for sure. Anyway, I love all the layers in this picture.

We finally got to drive up a hill and see everything from above. That's Mexico over there.

Sometimes it's hard to see exactly what you've got until you get the photos on the computer, and I think I can say unequivocally that this is the best photo of the whole trip. Jaw-droppingly awesome.

These are pretty cool--tipi-picnic areas built by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Finally, the view from those picnic tipis.

Up next, Davis Mountains State Park!


Anonymous said…
ABSOLUTELY GREAT photos! I just got through them all and enjoyed every one.
Am in College Park at NHD, but got through with my job and am back at the hotel. First time I've been online away from the home connection, but I just had to see your vacation pictures.
Love, Mums