5th Anniversary, Part 3: Monahans Sandhills & Out and About

I didn't get many pictures of Monahans Sandhills State Park--of course, I got fewer of Balmorhea State Park since I remembered the camera but forgot its battery--so I'm also including pictures I took when we were out on the road and heading in certain directions. Enjoy.

The sandhills are one of those freak things of nature that look like nothing else around it. The nice thing is that you can rent sand disks and go scooting down the dunes--the bad things is that I'm still finding sand on me nearly a week later.

The sand is exceptionally fine and soft. Sadly, it's also incredibly difficult to walk on. It was a while before I was willing to scoot down the hill because I knew I'd have to walk back up it again.

Car shot of the famous Pecos River. High quality picture there.

As we approached Alpine (which is called Alpine for a reason), this was the view we got. That's what made west Texas so great: Sure, it's 3 hours between anything, but it looks so nice on the way there!

The road to Presidio provided more opportunities to pull over and take pictures. The majority of land out here privately owned, which is enough to make anyone go cross-eyed.

Chris asked as we were at Cibolo Creek Ranch, "Can you imagine owning this privately?" I replied, "Yes, thank you, I will!"

We stopped to get gas in Presidio, right next to the border. I can't imagine living where mountains are within view.

Okay, you'll need to blow this picture up. That sign on the right has a cow on it. The River Road (which ran by the Rio Grande) had tons of cow and "Watch for Livestock on Road" signs. And guess what? They weren't kidding. We drove past a cow munching on grass by the side of the road. And no, I didn't get a picture of that.

Okay, this should've been in the Around Marfa post, but I neglected to put it in there. This is the Christian Church at night. I thought it looked cool.

We went through Fort Davis (the town, not the state park or national historic site--those were for another day) as we were heading back to the airport, and we stopped to take a picture of the Jeff Davis County Courthouse. Ain't it a beaut?

Next: Fort Leaton State Historic Site in Presidio and Barton Warnock Environmental Education Center in Terlingua.