5th Anniversary, Part 2: The Hotel Paisano

Our home base was the Hotel Paisano. It was built in 1930 and is the place where the actors filming the movie Giant lived till they found houses in town (the James Dean room is apparently very popular). We had an absolutely excellent room that overlooked the plaza, and that plaza was really the town center where people gathered to drink and chat at night. We spent every evening out on the balcony, enjoying the cool night and watching the people and their dogs.

First pictures are of the view from our balcony at various times of day.

Just above our room--we were smack in the center of the hotel.

View from the plaza. Our room is on the center-right.

El Paisano Hotel.

View of the sign from the lobby. The detail in every little bit of the lobby was tremendous--sorry the camera couldn't really pick that up.

The lobby, in all it's glory. Sorry it's blurry--it looked clear on the camera ...

The Greasewood Gallery in the Hotel Paisano. They turned on the lights at night to make it nice and clear to see!

Alrighty, kids, pay attention: See that piece of art on the wall in the lower right-hand corner with the red dot under its description? We bought that. We agreed to let it stay up through its summer exhibit, and it'll show up at our house in August.

The entrances besides the one through the plaza had this stained glass over it. Looks good at night.

Sitting in the plaza, enjoying the nice evening (and relatively few mosquitos), and taking pictures of the sky.

Up next: Our trip to Monahans Sandhills State Park.