5th Anniversary, Part 1: Around Marfa

We didn't really explore cosmopolitan Marfa until Wednesday, but it was still our base: We began each day there, we relaxed there each evening, we siesta'ed there in the afternoon when it was too hot, and strolled around there after dinner. Therefore, it seems like a good place to start with showing pictures. So here's the cosmopolitan little town that turned out to be even more cosmopolitan than we thought!

First, the Presidio County Courthouse, just down the street from our hotel.

A close-up so you can see the grill work and detail on the roof of the courthouse.

Water tower.

Food shark: the most unlikely place to get some mean Mediterranean food. We had spicy roast pork sandwiches with huge hunks of Parmesan cheese and a great tomato sauce on flat bread with a Greek salad on the side. The iced tea was unreal, but we never had bad iced tea anywhere (and mostly we drank champagne, so we didn't really have a large iced tea sampling).

Kinda funny: Food Shark was right next to the rail road track, and the whole time we were there lots of construction equipment was being moved by rail. This picture is of a diesel truck that was backing down the track!

You may have to blow up this picture to see it clearly, but that's our change from Food Shark: a William Henry Harrison $1 coin. My response was natural: "Our lamest president? Are you kidding me?" Almost bit it to make sure it was real currency and not a joke.

The Virgin of Guadalupe on the side of some art galleries (not miraculously appearing, methinks). The gallery you can see is Yard Dog, but it was closed. We went to Samuel Owen Photography, which had hundreds of original vintage posters. I'm still lusting over a pre-WWII German music poster and all the ones from WWI. Saving my pennies.

I think this is a beautiful picture. A lovely blooming cactus next to a lovely white adobe office building? Is this heaven?

Good words for life.

Crossing the street at the only stoplight in town. Notice the mountains in the background.

The lovely Marfa Public Radio.

On the side of Marfa National Bank ... and knowing how big Marfa is, the idea of it's bank being "National" is kinda funny.

Marfa National Bank and the Brite Building, which houses the gallery of the Ayn Foundation (also closed--we came at a bad time). Most beautiful building in the whole town. Blow it up to see all the detail.

A gorgeous Art Nouveau sundial ... though if you'll note there's no dial on that sundial. Not good for telling time right now. Notice shadow of Chris scratching his head.

A community garden we stumbled upon across the street from the hotel.

Speaks for itself.

The bench in the community garden with tiles painted by the local children. Blow it up--it's a pretty cool bench!

The Palace, formerly the home of the only opera house between San Antonio and El Paso.

Our hotel on the left, the courthouse on the right. And that's a good jumping off point for part 2--our hotel!