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Cosmopolitan Marfa, TX

For those unaware, Chris and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary on June 8. Because that's a nice, round number, we're getting the heck out of Dodge for a little while ... to cosmopolitan Marfa, TX, in the westest of all west Texases .. eses ... es. Okay, El Paso's wester, but face it, there's west Texas and then there's west Texas: The land where the towns are few and far between and the scorpions are bigger than your arm. [Rubs hands together in eager glee.]

We've talked about going to Marfa for ages, but we've never been able to pull it off. The lack of desire to drive 550 miles (nearly 9 hours) has been part of that delay. But now that we have a lovely excuse, we're hopping on a plane and heading out there to see the sights. Marfa actually is quite cosmopolitan: It's teeming with art galleries and that sure-fire sign that sophistication has come to a town--vegetarian restaurants. And, as my sister in law pointed out, they have a Prada s…