Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dine In Dinner

I'm putting on my public service hat for a second to see if I can incite anyone else among my limited associates to hold a Dine In Dinner. It's a nice, simple premise: You hold a meal in your home among friends in the hopes of raising funds, recruiting advocates, and/or spreading information on behalf of Feeding America. Feeding America used to be America's Second Harvest, and it's a network of over 200 food pantries in all 50 states. Those food pantries in turn support over 63,000 charitable agencies. It's a massive and important hunger charity.

The Dine In Dinner is for hunger among children. Although he could speak on it more eloquently than I can--note that he's not writing the blog post, I am, so apologies all around--Chris became familiar with this kind of hunger when he taught in Dallas. Many students came to school simply to have two meals to eat a day. The football coaches had to violate rules regarding benefits for athletes because one of their players ate so little during the summer that he was unable to practice. Many elementary and secondary schools left their cafeterias open during the summer so the children would have a place to get food.

Not every school district leaves its cafeterias open--Dallas has a huge school district and deals with a huge number of poor students, but that doesn't mean other school districts don't have students whose families deal with food insecurity. It also doesn't mean that Dallas-area charities aren't stretched thin in the summer months with higher demand. People are very giving around Christmas, but summer is a real crisis time for hunger-related charities because there's less to give and more people needing help.

Wow, I meant for this to be much shorter. If you've been hankering to have a dinner party with your best buds before April wraps up, consider doing a Dine In Dinner. When I pledged to have one yesterday (it will coincide with my birthday because I'm weird like that), 280 people had pledged out of a goal of 3000 on the part of Feeding America. It's up to 345 today, so I'm going to do my small bit to get them to their goal. Plus, every pledged dinner means a $5 donation from Stouffer's.

Have a Dine In Dinner. I demand it for my birthday!

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