Friday, March 27, 2009

AFI is here!

Yes, AFI kicked off last night with a big red carpet premiere that would cost you $125 just to stand in a line in hopes of getting a ticket. I wasn't there--can't imagine why (although "I could buy food and clothing and still have money left over for that amount" springs to mind). Our personal AFI kicks off today, and we did the smart thing and buy a ten-pack of vouchers. At $50, it wasn't cheap; however, five movies with two people per movie at $8.50 a ticket ... what's wrong with saving $35, I ask? Nuttin' at all.

Here's our extreme movie-viewing schedule:
Today: Double Indemnity @ 3:00PM
Tomorrow: The Eyes of Me @ 12:30PM
Monday: Selected nonfiction shorts (Push Button House included) @ 10:00PM
Wednesday: Sugar @ 7:00PM
Thursday: Rough Aunties @ 4:00PM

Competitions are rampant at AFI, so I think we might get to vote on which of the shorts is best. Cool beans.

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