Saturday, February 7, 2009

A trip to the garden

I paid the remnants of my garden a visit for the first time in a while. I can see it out my window, so I know nothing's going wrong, but it caught my eye recently because the warm spell caused my little peas to grow. And some things are just about ready to eat, too ...

Those are peas inching up the trellis, spinach on the left, and mustard greens on the right. Peas are pretty full throttle, by the way--beans just wrapped slowly up the trellis, but peas send out a bunch of teeny-tiny tendrils. (They also have cuter leaves, but they don't bend theirs towards the sun like the beans do.)

A close-up of the lovely mustard greens. I didn't think they'd make it because every time it was above 70 when I planted them in November, a squirrel would dig around in their planter. But they'll be good eating pretty soon, methinks!

The spinach is a special, petite kind called Monnopa. You may have heard that spinach blocks calcium absorption--that's due to oxalic acid, and Monnopa is low in that. They're supposed to be quite sweet. Looks like we'll be eating them soon, too! :)

A pot of herbs: sage up top, lemon thyme at 5 o'clock, and rosemary at 9 o'clock. The thyme looks brown in this picture, but it's actually turned purple. My winter savory does the same thing--it also, not shockingly, gets very bushy in winter. The peppermint turned the most striking purple in cold weather, but it kicked the bucket this past year.

I'm still hopeful we'll get some nice peas soon, but the freshest of fresh greens may be making it to our table as early as this week! Pretty cool, huh?

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