Thursday, February 12, 2009

A nice digest

First and foremost, Chris is now licensed to sell life insurance! :) That means he can start making money! On top of that, he's been asked to start teaching the licensing classes--not too shabby for a neophyte in the industry!

We also painted the kitchen green. It sounds alarming, but it's not lime green and I think it looks pretty darn good myself. During the day, it's almost imperceptibly green--it shows up more at night when the electric lights are on. Plus, there was an evenly wide strip above the cupboards on two walls, so we used a darker green. It's like a totally new kitchen!

There were more Go Red sightings at, of all places, the Texas Collegiate League website. Hmm.

I've planted some herbs--some cilantro to grow in a pot in my kitchen and some peppermint in a hanging basket that'll go outside when it gets warm. If you look at the picture of the kitchen, the mint's in the white container on the left, the cilantro is in the cute little cachepot on the right. Not very exciting yet, but I only sowed the mint today and the cilantro yesterday. Patience, Mr. Sir. Out in my planter with available real estate, I planted magenta orach, which I've never eaten before and look forward to seeing grow. And my new seed starter system arrived. Estoy thrilled.

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Anonymous said...

Something tells me this teaching assignment will be less stressful than the last one! Congrats!