Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hear ye, hear ye

I'm getting some stuff back up and running that I deleted some time ago, and of course I'd like to share them with the general readership of the Loquacious Loquat.

First, Chandler's Victory Garden is back, albeit in a very different format. It first appeared in blog form last year until I deleted it because I was ashamed at how badly my garden was failing. However, I've been so pleased with the format of Backcountry Peripatetic that I've re-established Chandler's Victory Garden as a Shutterfly website. Less talk, more pictures--perfect. Pictures from 2008 are up, and you'll be able to follow the castor beans' growth from start to finish with a nice little slideshow on the right-hand side. And it's pretty much ready to go, so you can enjoy it in all its glory already!

Gentle readers--only the gentle ones--may also recall One CD at a Time (or "Once Data Time", as I liked to call it), my blog wherein I gave every classical music CD a listen. I deleted that blog in a depressed funk after the adoption failed. Strangely, I feel no regret about the failed adoption, but I feel tremendous regret about deleting that blog. Even though I only did it for a few weeks, every time I get a new classical CD or download something from iTunes, I think, "Boy, I can't wait to sit down and give this a good listen all the way through!" To fulfill that need, I've started up Chandler Plays the Classics, which is a name I find infinitely more amusing. However, Lent begins on March 2 and the computer is going off for Clean Week (the first week of Orthodox Lent, not some official spring cleaning thing), so I won't kick this project into full gear until March 7. I may schedule something to post on that day, but I won't be devoting any time next week to the project.

Isn't all that fun?


Anonymous said...

Yes. It IS fun. I wondered what happened to the music blog. I need you to help me find appropriate music to play in "the store". Will talk to you about it when we visit . . .
Keep the castor beans sprouting! Aren't they wonderful? Almost trees.

Chandler said...

Well, if you want to see if customers can actually be driven out of Bluestem, there's always Alban Berg's Wozzeck!