Friday, February 20, 2009

Castor Beans, Day 8

It's been a week since I stuffed 5 castor bean seeds into five peat pots, put them in a seed starter, and told them to do their thing. Want to see what they look like now?

Zzzzzzz ....

I'm actually surprised by how long they're taking to sprout considering how fast they'll grow once they're in the earth, but it varies widely--I started marigolds three days ago that are already sprouting. But the castor beans sit nicely in the sun and get warm. I took the picture because I love how steamy it gets in there in the sun, and I draw the curtain around them which bounces the light back on them. If I don't drown them (always a possibility when I'm involved), they'll be popping up before you know it!

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