Friday, February 27, 2009

Castor Beans, Day 15

Things get interestinger and interestinger all the time in the tiny terrarium of terror!

Here's the most interesting part by far:

All the ones that have sprouted have their roots poking out the peat pots. That's not too shocking--you should see the massive roots I pulled out of the ground when I yanked last year's castors up! Even when they were just teeny little stems sticking out of the dirt before straightening up, they had roots coming out. So we have three, and I think that will be all because I'm not seeing the roots sticking out on the other two. That's perfect--I only wanted 3 or 4.

The first seedling is getting greener all the time. You'll notice these pictures were taken inside--thank the cool snap for that. It was in the 80s yesterday, and now we'll be lucky if it breaks into the 60s. Seedlings love stuff like that.

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