Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm getting some stuff back up and running that I deleted some time ago, and of course I'd like to share them with the general readership of the Loquacious Loquat.

First, Chandler's Victory Garden is back, albeit in a very different format. It first appeared in blog form last year until I deleted it because I was ashamed at how badly my garden was failing. However, I've been so pleased with the format of Backcountry Peripatetic that I've re-established Chandler's Victory Garden as a Shutterfly website. Less talk, more pictures--perfect. Pictures from 2008 are up, and you'll be able to follow the castor beans' growth from start to finish with a nice little slideshow on the right-hand side. And it's pretty much ready to go, so you can enjoy it in all its glory already!

Gentle readers--only the gentle ones--may also recall One CD at a Time (or "Once Data Time", as I liked to call it), my blog wherein I gave every classical music CD a listen. I deleted that blog in a depressed funk after the adoption failed. Strangely, I feel no regret about the failed adoption, but I feel tremendous regret about deleting that blog. Even though I only did it for a few weeks, every time I get a new classical CD or download something from iTunes, I think, "Boy, I can't wait to sit down and give this a good listen all the way through!" To fulfill that need, I've started up Chandler Plays the Classics, which is a name I find infinitely more amusing. However, Lent begins on March 2 and the computer is going off for Clean Week (the first week of Orthodox Lent, not some official spring cleaning thing), so I won't kick this project into full gear until March 7. I may schedule something to post on that day, but I won't be devoting any time next week to the project.

Isn't all that fun?

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