Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yay, dentist!

My fillings are replaced, my temporary crown is in, and I was complimented on being a good patient. I owe it all to nitrous.

Yes, nitrous, with its HGTV-altering abilities (they had a TV on in there to keep you company while the gas kicked in)! Never before has home decorating been so surreal! I didn't get nitrous when my bridge was put it, and the whole business was very tense and pretty painful. This time, I gave myself two instructions while the dentist and her hygienist did all the work:

1. Don't take a nap.
2. Don't pee on yourself.

The second one was looking pretty dicey while she was filing down my tooth for the crown, but we all came through it dry and unscathed.

When I'd get nitrous as a kid--and I don't know if my parents know this--I loved its ability to make me feel like I was soaring about the room. In fact, I'd lie when they asked me if I felt anything because that meant they'd take me off the gas and get down to business! No feelings like I was on the magic carpet version of a dentist chair this time, although it did reduce the English language down to meaningless noises, the only exclusion being, "You doing okay?"

"And yet I'm mentally constructing my blog post this whole time," I thought to myself.

Back in three weeks for my permanent crown and a good cleaning. By the way, they took a picture of the tooth needing the crown for the insurance and popped it up on the TV screen for me--you know things I are bad when I can tell something's wrong!

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