Sunday, January 11, 2009

What I've learned from the poll

The Loquacious Loquat has 6 readers--two of the votes are from Chris and myself. If there are any other readers, they're too lazy to click buttons and answer a lousy poll!!!

The majority of the readers are enjoying what they're reading, which is a good thing. Feel free to share any good reads in the comments ... or ignore me as usual. Apparently the rest of the readers are stuck with things like adoption books and college textbooks and teaching literature and whatnot.

None of the readers have not read a book since college. Either that, or no one realized that this was supposed to be a humorous and broad response that basically means, "Who has time for books?" The point was the last time you were forced to read was college, but if you're like many and only grace the library with your presence to get free DVDs then this is meant to apply to you.

The readers either don't own Kindles or any other electronic book reader or they actually use them. In my estimation, they're ugly as sin and I've heard that you only buy the rights to have the books on your reader for a short amount of time instead of outright buying the book. That's like paying a $200 membership fee to the library and then having to pay for each book you check out. Vom.

In news unrelated to the poll but related to reading, I finished The Satanic Verses. No small feat at 539 pages. This tops my previous greatest achievement of the year thus far, reading a book in two days (The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Dr. Oliver Sacks--highly recommended, and Chris only took slightly longer than I did to finish it)!

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Anonymous said...

I answered. I answered. Did you count me???
And, since then I've read another book and almost finished listening to one on Katherine of Aragon on my trips around town. The ones I've read aren't GOOD, but they aren't totally bad, so they fall somewhere in there, I guess. However, I've read nothing as heavy as "Satanic Verses"!