Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Updating YOU, Mr. Sir

(And yes, I do call people Mr. Sir, usually Chris or Trent.)

I'm going to the dentist to get the bridge put back in tomorrow. I've been in a bit of a precarious position: If you leave the bridge out too long, the tooth above the extracted tooth can start to come down and the tooth behind it move forward; however, my cold has been very nasty and I was hoping it would clear up quickly. Well, now the dentist has to fight through sneezing, coughing, and a drooly nose. I'll take a DayQuil beforehand and hope for the best.

Chris is off right now meeting with his recruiter at Primerica, basically sealing the deal. He needs to do training and get his license, which will take a little while, and then he'll work on commission. He just has to find steady income in Houston (just to be sure, since it is on commission), and then we'll be getting the heck outta Dodge. Goodness knows how long that'll take.

On Sunday after church, we're heading back to the Hill Country for a few days of R&R. Believe me when I say that we need it after all the stresses of this month! I blame the stress for my cold as well, and hopefully I'll be over it when we head down. If not, I think the fresh country air will do wonders for my nostrils. I'm excited to go back--I didn't want to come home last time! We'll return Wednesday.

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