Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can't believe it's already time

My garden was nearly cancelled this year since we thought we'd be moving. But things are setting up nicely for Chris here--we've agreed that we'll at least be in the house through summer. So I'm ordering my tomato and pepper transplants right now.

My garden needs work. First, the area that should be a garden is overrun by bermuda grass--longtime readers probably remember how much I hate that stuff. My planters with trellises need a sunnier spot, too, and I probably ought to dump all the dirt out, clean it out, and drill some holes in the bottom. They're supposed to be self-watering, but it just doesn't work: It leaks out the bottom, but still retains so much water that the soil gets some lovely diseases. Yuck. I think I might lay a mobile raised bed (one that doesn't fit onto the ground) on top of the bermuda grass in an attempt to triumph over it.

I've learned some lessons from last year. Beans hate the heat and the cold. My so-called cold weather beans died with the first frost--my peas are growing, albeit slowly. When it starts to become warmer and the heat is sufficient, they'll probably spring up and hopefully give us some nice, fresh peas! I hear black-eyed peas dig the heat, though, so I plan to give them a test run this year. My peppermint kicked the bucket, but I have a nice hanging basket and some seed, and mint drapes nicely. (The funny thing about mint is that several different kinds will grow from seed. It won't just be peppermint, but also spearmint and water mint.)

I need a seed starting system to grow some seeds I've been crushing on for a year. I want to grow the chervena chuska pepper, which is apparently as sweet as candy! I can't decide if I want to go buy basil transplants or try an exotic variety from seed. Oh, and I must grow marigolds--they're not thrilling flowers to me, but they help just about every plant grow better!

So that's where my brain is right now. Fun, huh?

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Lois said...

i didn't know you were such an expert. we've been aspiring gardeners for 4 years now, with only one successful spinach crop and an out-of-control tomato surplus to speak of! so this year, i'm coming over to get some hands-on planter's tips from the pro!